Many businesses fail due to poor cash flow management...

Cash flow requires specialist knowledge.  Each business has a different cash flow cycle and this is where Warner Accounting can help.

Having the right cash flow management processes in place and being able to spot peaks and troughs in trading in order to improve cash flow is one of the most critical components of any finance function. Cash flow management should be part of the fabric of a business, using a systematic approach, to ensure long-term stability.

The areas of cash flow management Warner Accounting work with includes:

  • Reviewing the scope of cash flow challenges and weaknesses
  • Performing bank reconciliations and ensure accounts are up to date
  • Consolidating payments to simplify the cash flow management process
  • Evaluating any cost saving opportunities within the business
  • Creating a long term cash flow to allow sound decision making
  • Considering the sale of underperforming assets

Increased cash flow visibility should be introduced quickly, as good cash flow management is like an internal insurance policy for businesses.

Cash flow management should be the number one priority for every business owner.

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